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We’ve boosted the sales and performance of hundreds of companies in Canada and Europe through our personalized training, sales advice and on-site interventions.

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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. We offer you a partnership to develop the 3 tools of sales development: strategic planning, marketing planning and sales force optimization.

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CRM is central to the work of salespeople, so let’s take a look at your options.

How do you sell a product or service?

A good product or service salesperson needs to know exactly what he or she is selling, believe in it, establish a relationship with the customer, understand or create his or her needs, respond to objections, close the sale, follow up and also publicize his or her offer on social networks.


Sales tips

Sales techniques

Here you’ll find most of today’s sales techniques, with their advantages and disadvantages, and the context in which they should be used. SONCAS and SONCASE The SONCAS is the best-known system in the French-speaking world, having trained several generations of salespeople, and is now joined by E d’Écologie. Benefits Disadvantages SICSIC Benefits Disadvantages SEC The […]

PSAI sales techniques

PSAI is one of the sales techniques centered on the customer and his problem. It’s the French equivalent of the American SPIN technique, widely used in North America. Description of the PSAI sales technique It’s hard to sell to a customer who doesn’t have a need, so we have to try to find the problem, […]

Sales tips

BANT – sales techniques

BANT is a sales technique that involves filtering customers by interest rather than selling. It’s therefore a good idea to use a complementary technique such as SPIN or SOS. The BANT technique Benefits Disadvantages How to apply the BANT technique The BANT method uses questions during discovery, but some questions can be tricky, so you […]

The worst customer service practices

It’s said that technology helps improve customer service – sometimes true, more often false. There are two types of malpractice: those caused by humans and those caused by machines. The worst human practices I’m sure you’ve all encountered them. I don’t blame these agents, if they’re not trained in customer service they can’t know, it’s […]

Sales tips

Upselling and cross-selling

Upselling Upselling is a sales technique in which the customer is sold a more expensive product than the one they were thinking of buying. The different types of upselling Sales techniques for upselling Preparation Questions to ask the customer How to argue for upselling during the sale How to upsell in the follow-up phase Cross-selling […]

Sales tips

Prospecting and business development

Many salespeople are wondering how to prospect now. Sales prospecting is becoming increasingly difficult, with many now preferring digital marketing, yet it’s still the best way to develop sales. We’ll show you the different strategies, the mistakes to avoid, and the tricks of the trade. How to prospect by phone Telephone canvassing is the best […]

Sales tips

DISC sales method

The DISC sales technique has been very popular in recent years, and is based on the analysis of customer profiles in order to optimize communication and persuasion. Principles of the DISC sales method The technique is a psychological analysis of the customer: From this, we determine four types of buyer to whom we address ourselves […]

Sales tips

SNAP Sale – sales techniques

The SNAP sale technique is unique, is not suitable for all sales, is not accepted by all salespeople, and is often poorly described, probably because those who describe it are not real salespeople. I’ve had the opportunity to see it put into practice by some exceptional salespeople and manipulators, and I’ll describe it to you […]

Sales tips

Challenger Sale – sales techniques

The Challenger Sale technique, developed by the Americans Dixon and Adamson, is currently the most talked-about. They believe that selling is getting tougher and tougher in today’s world, and that some salespeople, the challengers, are doing much better than the average person, and proceeding in a different way, not afraid to challenge their customer. The […]

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