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Sales tips

Sales techniques

Here you’ll find most of today’s sales techniques, with their advantages and disadvantages, and the context in which they should be used. SONCAS and SONCASE The SONCAS is the best-known system in the French-speaking world, having trained several generations of salespeople, and is now joined by E d’Écologie. Benefits Disadvantages SICSIC Benefits Disadvantages SEC The […]

PSAI sales techniques

PSAI is one of the sales techniques centered on the customer and his problem. It’s the French equivalent of the American SPIN technique, widely used in North America. Description of the PSAI sales technique It’s hard to sell to a customer who doesn’t have a need, so we have to try to find the problem, […]

Sales tips

BANT – sales techniques

BANT is a sales technique that involves filtering customers by interest rather than selling. It’s therefore a good idea to use a complementary technique such as SPIN or SOS. The BANT technique Benefits Disadvantages How to apply the BANT technique The BANT method uses questions during discovery, but some questions can be tricky, so you […]

The worst customer service practices

It’s said that technology helps improve customer service – sometimes true, more often false. There are two types of malpractice: those caused by humans and those caused by machines. The worst human practices I’m sure you’ve all encountered them. I don’t blame these agents, if they’re not trained in customer service they can’t know, it’s […]

Sales tips

Upselling and cross-selling

Upselling Upselling is a sales technique in which the customer is sold a more expensive product than the one they were thinking of buying. The different types of upselling Sales techniques for upselling Preparation Questions to ask the customer How to argue for upselling during the sale How to upsell in the follow-up phase Cross-selling […]

Sales tips

Prospecting and business development

Many salespeople are wondering how to prospect now. Sales prospecting is becoming increasingly difficult, with many now preferring digital marketing, yet it’s still the best way to develop sales. We’ll show you the different strategies, the mistakes to avoid, and the tricks of the trade. How to prospect by phone Telephone canvassing is the best […]

Sales tips

DISC sales method

The DISC sales technique has been very popular in recent years, and is based on the analysis of customer profiles in order to optimize communication and persuasion. Principles of the DISC sales method The technique is a psychological analysis of the customer: From this, we determine four types of buyer to whom we address ourselves […]

Sales tips

SNAP Sale – sales techniques

The SNAP sale technique is unique, is not suitable for all sales, is not accepted by all salespeople, and is often poorly described, probably because those who describe it are not real salespeople. I’ve had the opportunity to see it put into practice by some exceptional salespeople and manipulators, and I’ll describe it to you […]

Sales tips

Challenger Sale – sales techniques

The Challenger Sale technique, developed by the Americans Dixon and Adamson, is currently the most talked-about. They believe that selling is getting tougher and tougher in today’s world, and that some salespeople, the challengers, are doing much better than the average person, and proceeding in a different way, not afraid to challenge their customer. The […]

Sales tips

RFM customer segmentation for e-commerce and stores

RFM is a method of segmenting the customers of an online or traditional store to determine the best follow-up to give them, optimize the use of available sales and promotional resources, and increase sales by optimizing resources. The RFM in-store sales method Here are the three figures to consider, but beware: the customer who spends […]

Sales tips

SPIN sales technique

The SPIN sales technique originated in the USA, and is based on understanding the customer’s situation, highlighting the problem and its consequences, and then explaining the benefits of our solution. Unlike other methods, such as the CAB technique, the key point here is not to propose a solution before the customer has understood that he […]

Sales tips

SOS global solution

The SOS global solution sales technique is an advantageous replacement for cross-selling and upselling techniques, thanks to a global solution that will best satisfy the customer through a combination of products and services that you offer because you are the specialist in your field. The idea is not to try to add one additional product […]

SOS sales technique

Salespeople realized that it was easier to sell to customers with a problem than to those without. This led to the development of techniques such as SPIN, which are based on the customer’s problem, the aim of which is to increase perception by asking about the consequences for the customer. The difficulty is that many […]

Sales tips

CAB sales technique

The CAB sales technique is simple and perfectly suited to simple, repetitive sales of products and services, while taking into account customer expectations. It’s a structured sales technique based on the product, but taking into account the customer’s needs. Description of the technique Benefits are generic to the product, while advantages represent what the customer […]

CAP sales technique

The CAP technique is a simple, straightforward way of selling identical products or services on a regular basis, without having to know the person you’re talking to like other customer-centric techniques. It’s a structured argument based on the product’s technical features and the benefits they provide. The CAP technique Every salesperson knows that you shouldn’t […]

SEC – psychological discovery of a customer

The SEC method is a psychological customer discovery method derived from the simplification of the SONCAS method, deemed difficult to apply by some salespeople. Instead of choosing between six motivations, we select just 3 that cover all 6. Another advantage is that if you’re not sure you’ve identified the right motivation, it’s not difficult to […]

Sales tips

SONCAS sales technique

SONCAS is the best-known method for categorizing customer motivations. Salespeople know that you don’t sell features, you sell profits, and there are millions of products and services to sell, and therefore millions of possible profits. The advantage of the SONCAS method is that it categorizes every purchase into just 6 motivations that are easy to […]

Sales tips

Go woke, go broke – become woke, go broke

Many companies want to conform to the doxa and play the game of wokism to try and increase their sales, and they’re heading for bankruptcy. This phenomenon is not new to Anglo-Saxons, and is even described by the hard-to-translate expression “Go woke, go broke”. woke companies There are a number of cases, which we shall […]

Sales tips

Negotiation stages

Some negotiations can be very short, but in general they follow these steps AND REMEMBER, A BAD DEAL IS BETTER THAN A GOOD JUDGMENT! Jean-Pierre Mercier List of sales methods and techniques

The best CRM for managing customers

CRM is central to the work of salespeople, so let’s take a look at your options. No CRM Except in certain stores or boutiques, this is not a viable option for a serious seller. CRM allows you to : A salesperson who speaks well but isn’t organized can’t succeed and will create complaints that will […]

You’re not worth what you are, but what you know how to negotiate.

Many people think that they’re worth what they are, that their value depends on their diploma, their school, their years of experience, their “acquired rights”, but this is not true. How to strengthen your negotiating position Your negotiating position depends on your desire to reach an agreement. The stronger your desire, the more concessions you […]

Russian disinformation networks: structure and mechanism

I have penetrated the world of Russian disinformation networks to better understand their mechanics, but also their state of mind. I offer you a summary of how they do it, this article complements those written on social networks and sources of information on the war in Ukraine. Russian troll farms in the news We talk […]

The basic principles of economics

With so much going on right now, the economy is in turmoil. Some people are trying to figure out what’s going on, how to protect their savings and stock market investments, and whether it’s time to buy or sell real estate. So here’s a short summary of the mechanisms of economics, and also a little […]

How to sell yourself

You have to sell yourself for everything: raise your salary, change jobs, get an assignment, find a job, join a charity. We’ll show you the difficulties and techniques involved in selling yourself both in general and more specifically during a recruitment interview. I’d like to share with you my experience as a consultant, but also […]

Sales reformulation

Reformulation is unfortunately the part most often forgotten by salespeople. Yet it is key to the success of the sale. Depending on the sales school, reformulation may take place at the end of discovery to verify information, or at the beginning of reformulation. For us, it’s a pivotal stage in its own right, to emphasize […]

Sources of information on the war in Ukraine

Many people are keeping abreast of what’s happening in Ukraine, but are often a little bewildered by contradictory information and forecasts, without being able to assess their veracity or origin. Here’s a short guide to the information you’ll need. The different sources of information There are four main sources of information: It’s worth noting that […]

New and existing social networks

Social networks are evolving, and evolving fast. Their role is growing so much that they are taking readers away from the traditional media, which defend themselves by claiming that their information is verified and reliable. This may seem obvious to the general public, but those who are interested in current affairs know that the major […]

Sales tips

Sales preparation

To increase sales, the best preparation enables the best improvisation during the sale itself, which is the first step to success.

Sales contact

The aim of making contact is to create a positive atmosphere, a climate conducive to sales. Some salespeople even go so far as to say that they want to make a friend of the customer by finding a common ground, called an anchor, with the person they’re talking to. Before making contact, if you are […]

Sales tips

Discovery on sale

Discovery on sale is the most important stage of the sale, because it’s when we understand the customer’s need, or even create that need. Discovering the need isn’t very difficult: just ask him what he’s looking for. On the other hand, it’s quite dangerous, because if they’re looking for a product or service you don’t […]

Sales tips

How to sell financial products and services

Many financial advisors feel that the figures set by their management are too high, that they are already working too hard, that the pressure is too great. Why? because they don’t know how to sell financial products or services, even though this can be learned. And yet the best sometimes sell three times as much […]

Remote management tools

Corporate communication isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools to improve exchanges between your teams. With more and more companies around the world teleworking and exchanging information remotely, these tools and tips are increasingly valuable to professionals who want to keep their teams working cohesively and efficiently, but this time from […]

Teleworking: where will the office be tomorrow?

Telecommuting, or remote working, will become the norm, but in a controlled way that respects teamwork within the organization. The advantages of teleworking The forced choice of telecommuting has led to the discovery that it offers numerous advantages for both companies and employees: Disadvantages of telecommuting/remote working The advantages have their corollaries and they are […]

Sales tips

How to sell remotely

Distance selling has become indispensable for any salesperson who lives with the times, and even becomes a necessity for survival in the event of a pandemic when almost everything is closed. It’s become so important that I recommend recruiting your remote salespeople to see how well they’ve mastered the technology. Here are the winning recipes […]

Why recruit remote salespeople

The containment measures will disappear, but it is it is clear that habits are going to change for good, in general and in the sales in particular. Paradoxically, this will help imaginative companies to recruit better salespeople for new practices who will stay. We’ve already described the advantages of using search engines to find a […]

Why distance selling by videoconference

Remote sales via webinar is the practice of organizing a remote sales meeting using video conferencing to avoid the need for the salesperson or customer to travel. It’s also known as a virtual sales meeting, or videoconference. Why remote sales meetings Distance selling becomes a basic skill for all competitive sellers, even a necessity in […]

How to close the sale

The conclusion or closing of the sale is key, because without the success of this stage there is no sale, and therefore nothing for the seller. A good salesperson who doesn’t know how to close is a salesperson who has prepared the ground well for a competitor’s sale to his or her customer, in short, […]

Video training

Videos have become the primary means of training young people, YouTube is their favorite search engine, distance learning is gradually nibbling away at traditional face-to-face training, and a number of training companies are developing their own training programs. online training catalog The world of training is changing, and we’d like to introduce you to the […]

Working in extreme heat

Working in extreme heat calls for a minimum of precautions for you and your team. Here are a few simple principles to apply. If you’re leading a team in hot weather Working in high heat: before work – Assess the risk that heat can pose to your team: Type of work: muscular work is the […]

Sales and customer service, the same thing?

During my sales training sessions, I often hear employees reply: “I was hired to do customer service, not sales”. The question to ask is whether or not sales and customer service are the same thing. In the public sector Clearly, if the employee is part of a service-only organization, such as a government agency, there […]

Sales tips

How to sell a product or service

A good product or service salesperson needs to know exactly what he or she is selling, believe in it, establish a relationship with the customer, understand or create his or her needs, respond to objections, close the sale, follow up and also publicize his or her offer on social networks. Know your product or service […]

Sales tips

What are the sales stages?

What are the stages in selling a product or service? how to sell this product? Here’s a simple method for optimizing every key selling point. The profiles of good salespeople are different, but the stages of a sale have the advantage of being the same for all sales reps, with only the sales pitch changing. […]


Preventing drowning at sea

If this article on how to avoid drowning saves one person, I’ll be happy. According to prevention specialists, 90% of adult drownings at sea are caused by swimmers exhausted trying to get back to their starting point in currents.The sea is the place where most drownings take place, so here are a few simple solutions […]

The future of retail

Retail sales are now divided between internet sales and in-store sales, which are declining in proportion to web sales. What does the future hold? Selling on the web Web sales can be broken down into two systems: Both sectors are currently steadily gaining market share. In-store sales Sears is in financial difficulty in the U.S., […]

Win-win negotiation

In a win-win negotiation, both parties need to reach an agreement. They say you’re not worth what you are, but what you know how to negotiate. What are our strengths? How is negotiation defined in relation to sales? What are the main techniques? The negotiator’s strengths A negotiator’s main strength is the other party’s desire […]

Sales and marketing assessment

We therefore propose a sales and marketing assessment tool, based on questions to be asked during a conversation with the director or vice-president of sales and marketing. You can then not only diagnose the function, but also assess your contact’s skills. Is it always the right person in the right place?Evaluate your customer’s ability to […]

Customer experience: customer service makes the difference

Customer service and mastery of all points of contact with the consumer is the key to an excellent customer experience. A bad customer experience Let me start by telling you a little story. One day I decided to invite my wife and a few friends to a restaurant; having heard of a good address in […]

Sales training

There are many ways to increase sales in a company I’d like to present the different solutions available to you, their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the choice that’s best suited to your company and your needs. Sales conference A motivational speaker delivers a lecture or even a training session to a […]

How to question a liar

It’s hard to deal with a liar who has total mastery of the art of deception. Here’s a series of questions to help you interrogate a liar, unmask him and put him on the spot.Liars are very difficult to outsmart, because they’re so good at communicating. In the world of work, however, there are techniques […]

The web marketing of the future

The web marketing of the future will have nothing to do with the marketing of the past, or even the marketing of today. We present you with a perspective from the consumer’s point of view, the powers that be and the counter-powers. Marketing principles In the beginning, marketing meant choosing a target and adapting the […]

The future of call and customer contact centers: the customer relationship center

The future of call centers and customer contact, the customer relationship center.There are three generations of centers: the telephone-only call center, the customer contact center that uses a multi-channel approach, and finally the relationship center that combines a multi-channel approach with a global approach to customer needs. The first two generations have specialized agents who […]

Telephone solicitation

Telephone solicitation has always played a key role in business development, and telemarketing has long been the best means of market penetration in recent years. However, telephone solicitation is now being called into question by certain specialists who believe that the Internet has transformed the market, and that customers no longer want to be harassed, […]

Business coaching

There is some debate about the usefulness of business coaching. Some companies believe that their employees are experienced, sometimes even more so than the managers, and that this would be a waste of time. Others feel that a manager who has to supervise a team of 12 people, each doing a different technical job, can’t […]

Terrorist attack: what to do

What to do in the event of a terrorist attack and how to survive. Our specialty is synthesizing guides and arguments in the field of sales, marketing and business, but current events lead me to synthesize solutions in terms of safety, I also add my experience in combat sports whose principles are the same, whatever […]

The sales equation

The sales equation is made up of 3 numbers:number of customer contacts x closing rate (also called transformation rate) x average sales = total salesAll salespeople and marketers have to deal with this equation and work to optimize each of its terms. The question is, of course, how to do this, but first you need […]